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Millennium Series - 1920 to 2000

Photographs from The Bolton Evening News Millennium supplements, featuring photographs from 1920 to 2000.


The First World War - 'the war to end all wars' - was over, and everyone looked forward to a peaceful future. In came in 'Roaring Twenties', which may have been fine for some, but for the vast majority of people, life was still a struggle. In this section, we look at how the town was progressing - and at perhaps the most successful period in the history of Bolton Wanderers, when they won the FA cup three times!


The 1930s is the first decade of the Millennium series which perhaps the majority of older Bolton Evening News readers may recall, even though they would have been young at the time. At first, the country was in peace, but in the background, the clouds were gathering. Who would have imaged that only 20 years after the end of the First World War - 'the war to end all wars - the country would again be fighting for freedom?


The 1940s were, obviously, dominated by the Second World War and its aftermath. No-one escaped being affected one way or another, some in more permanent ways than others, of course. But the War Years have been covered in our 'Special Publications' section of our website (see above), so apart from a few pictures, this section looks at what else was happening in Bolton at the time.


As we continue our photographic history of Bolton over the last century, we reach the 1950s, when the aftermath of the war was still being felt (ration books were still compulsory for a time), and on the international scene, further conflict was never far away, especially when Nasser took over the Suez Canal. In many ways, though, for the man in the street, life was getting back to normal, even if television was beginning to have a serious effect on traditional forms of entertainment.


Our photographic history of Bolton over the last century continues as we reach the 1960s, the decade when, according to some, the social structure of the country began to crumble because of the drug culture and loose morals. For some, it may have been 'swinging' - whether those taking part were lucky or not is a matter of opinion! For the vast majority of people, life went on much as normal, even though major changes were beginning to take place in Bolton ...


The 1970s - a decade of changing fashions with flared trousers, hot pants (surely, because they were so small, they should have been caled 'cold pants!), and the mini skirt. It was also a deade of industrial unrest and strikes, culminating in the Winter of Discontent and the election of Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister; in Bolton, the Wanderers were languishing in the lower divisions of the Football League.


The 1980s - the decade of the Falklands War, the Bolton Town Hall fire, the opening of the Market Place by the Queen, the first Bolton Marathon, and the Wanderers languishing in the lower divisions of the Football League. All these and lots more are brought together here.


Photographs in this section include Royal visits from Princesses Anne and Diana, as well as Tony Blair and John Major paying a visit during their election campaign. Other photographs highlight poll tax demonstrations, the solar eclipse and a miracle aubergine. This decade also saw the end of Burnden Park, home of the Wanderers for more than a century. The club moved to one of the most modern grounds in the country, The Reebok at Middlebrook, Horwich. For the football club, it was a decade of ups and downs.

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